Use your mouse to select different characters, try to combine these characters in such a manner that they would represent meaningful word and press enter button.
Text Twist 2

Are you a fan of puzzle games? I am, I think when it comes to online games puzzle games are the best choice? Why? Well, first of all, they are entertaining, second, they are challenging, third they are useful, useful for our brains and for the improvement of our thinking abilities. Puzzle games have been with us for a thousand years, it is really cool to see that modern technologies are picking up this trend today, we get to play it online and for free.

My favorite puzzle game right now is Text Twist 2, this is a word quiz game, here all you have to do is to combine various characters from given board and creating meaningful words from it. Nothing really hard here actually, game is very simple and at the same time challenging and entertaining. We will cover more details below...

How to play:
Like I have said before you have a board with random letters on it, all you have to do is to pick up characters with a specific order in order to create meaningful or existing words. If you love mind puzzles you will quickly appreciate this game for what it is, you will enjoy playing it and you will get addicted to it pretty fast.

Don't forget to click the enter button once you have combined the word, we will talk about other buttons as well below.

Four main buttons:
The game has various buttons in the menu, four main buttons are: twist, last, clear and enter. Listed buttons are used for triggering various game functions.

four main buttons
For example button 'twist' mixes listed characters in random order, this button is used to give you some ideas about existing words, if you lack ideas click this button and see what happens, maybe you will find a suitable word for you.

The next button is 'last', this button basically shows the last word which you have combined. I often use it to submit a plural version of the word, for example you have selected word car, after that, you instantly click the last button and add s character to the word and you submit it again, this way you can save valuable time.

The third button is 'clear', well I won't explain to you what it does because it is clear as sky that it cleans the current board. It is used to save valuable time, quickly cleans who board and you can start submitting another order of characters.

The last button is 'enter', once you are done with a combination of characters click it and it will submit your answer.

counting stats

Main features:
There are three main features in the game, all of them are used for calculating various stats, for example we have a tab that calculates a total score, we have a tab that displays your time (how much time is left for solving a puzzle) and we have a tab that shows you current round. make sure that you check these stats from time to time.

Game menu:
the game has a menu of its own, the main options in it are: how to play, main menu, difficulty, high scores, and credits. You can also mute musing in the game or sound. As you can see the game menu is pretty useful, I usually visit it to change game difficulty.

Two modes:
There are in total two modes in the game, timed and untimed, as the name suggests timed mode has limited time, in order to succeed in this mode you will have to finish rounds in a specific time, otherwise you will lose the game. The untimed mode doesn't have a time limit, use as much time as it is necessary just finish round.

It is always interesting to see how other players perform in this game right? Well now you have such an opportunity, check the following video guide from YouTube.

Your mobile device:
There is a mobile version of the game as well, download it on your phone and play it from there for more convenience.


I know that there are tons of similar games out there, like I have said before word puzzle games have been around for thousands of years, but you know what? I still think that Text Twist 2 is outstanding, it looks amazing, the gameplay is awesome and overall I love the atmosphere which it has. In the end, you should definitely give a try to this game, you will surely love playing it.

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